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Balancing Blood Sugar

Balancing blood sugarBlood sugar is the sugar that the bloodstream carries to all cells in the body this provides us with energy. Sugar imbalances play a vital role in cardiovascular health, hormone production, immune system functioning and brain function. We look at some ways we can begin balancing blood sugar in the body. Exercise regularlyRegular […]

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Why is connecting with your core so important?

What is the “Core ?”There are many common misconceptions about the “core”. Most people probably think that the core is simply the abdominals, aka “6-pack.” However, the core is much more than that.  The core is the center of our body and it functions to stabilise the trunk while the arms and legs move during functional […]

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Protecting Your Skin While Working Out

When you start a new fitness routine it can for some result in unwanted skin issues. Here are some tips to help you to protect your skin while working out and avoid some common mistakes made that could contribute to skin problems. Sweating is an unavoidable side effect of exercising that can contribute to skin irritations, […]

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Are Rest Days Necessary?

We’re always told to stay active and get regular exercise. But whether you’re training for a competition or feeling extra motivated, more isn’t always better. Rest days are just as important as exercise. In fact, a successful fitness plan isn’t complete without rest days. Taking a break allows your body to recover and repair. It’s a critical […]

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Winter Wellness Tips for Your Healthiest Self

As the seasons change so do our health needs and during the winter we all need a little extra care. Below are some of my top tips to get you started.1.Take Extra Care of Your Skin Winter can be a really rough time for our skin. Between time spent in the cold, dry winter air outside […]

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Get back on track after the Summer

As we head towards the end of summer, it’s time to trade those beers in the garden for early mornings and meal prepping. This may sound a little tough after relaxing for few weeks and enjoying the sunshine (when it made an appearance), but these top tips will help you get back into your routine […]

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Have You Lost Your Fitness Mojo ??

For anyone starting a new health and fitness journey or trying to get back into the swing of things, it can be hard to find and maintain the motivation to start working out. Fitness motivation often comes in waves; there will be days when you can’t wait to start your workout, and other days when […]

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Are You Stress Eating ??

We don’t always eat just to satisfy hunger. Many of us find we also turn to food for comfort, stress relief, or to reward ourselves. And when we do, we tend to reach for junk food, sweets, and other comforting but unhealthy foods. With the times we are currently experiencing we can find we are […]

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Mental Health Benefits of Exercise

Benefits of Exercise on Mental HealthExercise is recommend as part of the treatment for specific mental health illnesses. Exercise can alleviate many of the symptoms of depression, such as fatigue, tension, and feelings of anger. Exercise is also used to enhance well-being in people with no mental health issues. Increased physical activity can enhance mood, improve […]

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