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What Are the Benefits of Drinking Water?

6 Amazing Health Benefits of Drinking Water We all know that drinking water regularly is good for the body. But most of us probably don’t realize just how important being properly hydrated is for our health. In fact, every system in the human body counts on water to function. Approximately two-thirds of the adult human body is […]

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Pregnancy & Exercise

Exercise during pregnancyExercise is part of a healthy lifestyle and most pregnant women can and should exercise. You should always check with your healthcare provider during pregnancy before starting, continuing, or changing an exercise routine.The benefits of exercise during pregnancy include Your body will be strong and fit for labour and birthHelp prevent gaining excess weightBoost […]

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Exercise Tips for New Mums

Are you anxious to get back in shape after having a baby? You are not alone. But before you begin to exercise, it is important that you consult your doctor or midwife about the best time to start. This is especially true if you had a Cesarean delivery. Generally, women who had a vaginal delivery […]

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Senior Exercise & Fitness Tips

Since we have been in lockdown my fabulous Mum, who is an active 75 year old has been walking the parameter of her house to keep fit and no doubt to keep sane! She does this 3 times a day and does 12 rounds in each session.  At the end of the day she has […]

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Muscle Recovery: 10 Ways to Speed It Up

If you’ve been on your health and fitness journey for a while now, you would know that taking a rest day is just as important as regular exercise. But how can you speed up the muscle recovery process and get the results you are training for? At the moment we are staying safe and staying home […]

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Fruit Versus Vegetables

Fruit Versus Vegetables – Which one is better for you..Fruits and vegetables offer natural plant compounds that help keep the body healthy. A good variety of fruit and vegetables is key. If you are not a fan of vegetables you might think that you can make up for not eating them by eating lots of different […]

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Tips to Increase Your Metabolism

Metabolism is the process by which your body converts what you eat and drink into energy. Even when your body is at rest, you are still using energy for basic functions such as breathing, circulating blood and repairing cells. The energy your body uses for these basic functions is called your basal metabolic rate. There are […]

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Is There a Wrong Way to Eat Protein?

Eating protein the right way can help support muscle growth, as well as making recovery after a tough session easier. If you’re skimping on protein, it can be hard for your body to get the fuel it needs to maintain lean muscle.How & When to Eat Protein: Common MistakesIt’s really easy to be confused about […]

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How To Start Working Out At Home

Has it been a while since you worked out regularly?.  Maybe now you’re wondering how to start exercising (or start up again) when you haven’t followed a training program for a while. How do you go from no exercise to working out regularly, and where do you start?Wanting to be more active or to improve […]

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