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LWL Guide to Meal Prep

Let’s be real. Life can be CRAZY busy. Whether you are working full time or running around after your kids and living that mom life, sometimes the last thing you want to do is carve out time to prep a whole week’s worth of food for yourself. As hard as it is to make that […]

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LWL Fitness Goals for 2020

The Importance of Setting GoalsStarting our fitness goals can be a daunting task especially if you are only starting out on your journey, or you may have achieved some of your goals and you need to set some more. There is no shortage of benefits that come about as a result of setting fitness goals. Having clearly […]

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LWL Tips for a Stress Free Christmas

I love Christmas, how about you? However, whether we like it or not it can be a bit crazy sometimes….. Here are a few simple suggestions that I believe will help us through the moments of madnessRelax the stress of shopping for family members in favour of sharing special moments and experiences. Why not treat your buddies […]

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LWL Tips To Avoid Temptation At Christmas Time

Avoiding Temptation at Christmas TimeChristmas is the season for being merry with all the tempting food and drink involved with Christmas parties and family gatherings,  it’s hard to avoid a little festive indulgence.From mince pies and chocolates, to mulled wine and champagne, everyone has their favourite seasonal treat, but once we remember all in moderation, […]

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The LeanWithLesley Guide to Intermittent Fasting

There are so many options and trends out there when it comes to healthy eating, so it’s understandable if you sometimes get confused about which nutrition approach will best suit you and your goals.A healthy lifestyle should be all about balance, this is one of the key factors for reaching your goals. A healthy lifestyle […]

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The LeanWithLesley Guide to Portion Control

When thinking about portion control, many people associate it with weight loss. While an understanding of portion control can assist people to change their body composition, it’s also useful for anyone who is trying to live a healthier lifestyle.Knowing how much you should eat does more than help to prevent overeating. Portion control is important […]

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LWL Meets Rachel Allen

Shooting last week with Rachel Allen was soooo much fun and I just can’t resist giving you a sneak peak of our interview, which is now live on the app 🤗🤗 We have lots of chat and fun to share with you and our workout is fun but practical because with Rachel’s busy schedule she […]

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LWL Meets Annmarie O’Connor

The LeanWithLesley App is designed to help real women to become fitter and stronger, healthier and happier and I’m so proud to have worked with Annmaire O’Connor for our app. We spent the morning working out and having the chat about what she does in her career (so interesting!) and as busy as she is, […]

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