30th April 

LeanWithLesley Blast 

The next LeanWithLesley Blast starts 30th April 2019.

This time we will include a shopping list that we will share with everyone once you register your interest below giving you plenty of time to buy your ingredients, all of which you can buy in any supermarket.

Each day we will upload an LWL food plan, including breakfast, snack, lunch, dinner recipes together with a daily LWL homeworkout for you to complete.

We have had such incredible success with our 6 Week Blasts, 4 Week Blasts and now we are launching our 14 Day Challenge, I’m so looking forward to seeing the results and hearing back from everyone.

This is an awesome chance to nail it for that night out with all the family, friends, girls night out or work party and it is absolutely FREE to all App Users. It’s 14 Days of clean eating, healthy, delicious and easy to make recipes, most of which you will probably continue to make well after the 14 Days have finished.

​workouts uploaded daily
Easy to follow food plan  ​
ongoing support & guidance

Feel Healthy, Feel Strong, Feel Fit

  • A full library of motivating workouts from fatburn to strength
  • High quality programs designed by Lesley
  • Mini sessions for busy schedules