LWL Summer Challenge!

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Summer is coming! What are you looking forward to most?

I’m so looking forward to our BRAND NEW Summer Challenge and meal plan and it’s FREE to all our App Members.

I have a feeling that our BRAND NEW challenge is going to be our best one yet!

We have a lots of NEW recipes coming on this Challenge and all of them are so efficient! They can be prepped and served in 30 minutes!

The LWL 4 Week Summer Challenge Calendar includes

3* New Live Workouts Every Week (all available on demand)

Brand New Daily Food Plan

Brand New Delicious Healthy Recipes (and some classics thrown in)

Shopping List

Portion Chart

Expert Advice & Support

Private Facebook Group

START DATE: Wednesday 20th April

Fitness Level: Beginner to Advanced. This Challenge is scalable to all fitness levels

Equipment: A set of dumbbells. Options to add a kettlebell, resistance band and foam roller.

My favourite thing about Summer is putting on my shorts and feeling the sunshine warmly and getting outside. Feeling good, Workout out outside, eating outside, just being outside more and feeling GREAT!

Lets do this Summer Challenge and feel GREAT together!



Thanks so much Lesley for another fantastic workout. I have the app nearly 6 weeks and I absolutely love it. I've never enjoyed working out so much even though it's the toughest workout. When it's done I feel great and I'm proud of myself for doing it 



Lesley, thanks for both the online classes, both insta & zoom. UNREAL. The A listers in Hollywood aren't getting the likes of it . We're all about equality 😊 and I knew you wouldn't have technical glitches. Flawless execution. No surprises there !!! 



Love the new feature on the app Lesley. No more cheating for me ... picking the short or easy ones, clearly you thought I needed a bit of work on my glutes as they were burning 😂 keep it coming. I'm determined to do 6 sessions a week and Sundays off !!