When we make time for our personal fitness we feel healthier, happier, stronger and more confident.

LeanWithLesley Fitness


A series of workout videos to suit everyone's fitness goals. Complete your workout within 30 minutes. They are quick and effective so no matter how busy our day is we can fit a LeanWithLesley session in any day anywhere.

A variety of workouts

A choice of HIIT, Strength, Toning, isolating muscle groups or compound workouts, working with resistance or an own body workout, Lesley's unique type of training will guarantee awesome results and it doesn't matter what fitness level as modifications are offered to suit just about everyone. HIIT High intensity workouts are broken down to 4 x 4 minutes workouts, that are fun, challenging and get results, increasing the heart rate and igniting the fat burning zone!


LeanWithLesley will change how we look at training


No gym necessary you can now do a workout anywhere, at work or at home, the time we spend training can be as little as 20 minutes a day, getting a full bodyworkout in to your day to make you feel and look on top of the world.

LeanWithLesley 4 Week Blast Program

Guidance on healthy eating, understanding about proteins, fats and carbohydrates, a portion chart and the most delicious healthy recipes that are easy to prepare and will change how we look at food! It's not about reducing, cutting, supplementing or experimenting, to feel good and to look good, we need to stay fit and eat real food regularly and often in small portions.


Feel Healthy, Feel Strong, Feel Fit

  • A full library of motivating workouts from fatburn to strength
  • High quality programs designed by Lesley
  • Mini sessions for busy schedules