The level of commitment and determination that is so real in the sessions is fabulous, and even though it is a tough session, because it is tough, everyone leaves feeling great, feeling fit and strong and can take on any task the day may have in store for them. That's the beauty of exercise it makes you feel great. I see so many women who come to me transform to stronger and more confident women through our sessions, it's not just their physical shape that changes, I can see how their wellbeing improves, through good health, happiness and security of who we are.

Lesley Giltinan

An expert in fitness and personal training, driven by a passion to share knowledge and experience gained over 20 years in the industry Lesley Giltinan of LeanWithLesley qualified in 2011 with The National Training Centre in Exercise, Health Studies and Personal Training

In 2012 Lesley set up LeanWithLesley. When she started her target was to fill 3 classes per week with 10 people in each class. Now 5 years later Lesley runs a full schedule of classes per week and more than 500 people make weekly visits to do a LWL session. Business has increased and LeanWithLesley is now very successful.

Lesley has now launched LeanWithLesley.com, a series of workout videos to suit everyone's fitness goals that are quick and effective and designed to fit in to your busy schedules. With a variety of videos to choose from Lesley's unique type of training will guarantee awesome results no matter what your level of fitness is.

Lesley is so passionate about health and fitness it is contagious

Working out was something I used to dread but training with Lesley has changed my entire perspective on it, and it is now something I look forward to. Lesley is so passionate about health and fitness it is contagious.

Ciara Coleman

I am excited to continue a lifestyle full of activity

I love working out with Lesley and just after a short few weeks I feel incredible. I am excited to continue a lifestyle full of activity, nutrition and of course LeanWithLesley workouts.

Assumpta O' Kane

Feel Healthy, Feel Strong, Feel Fit

  • A full library of motivating workouts from fatburn to strength
  • High quality programs designed by Lesley
  • Mini sessions for busy schedules