Have You Lost Your Fitness Mojo ??

For anyone starting a new health and fitness journey or trying to get back into the swing of things, it can be hard to find and maintain the motivation to start working out. Fitness motivation often comes in waves; there will be days when you can’t wait to start your workout, and other days when you simply don’t want to move.

It can be easy to get discouraged about exercising if you genuinely don’t enjoy it. When you’re busy, or you feel tired, you might feel more like sitting on the couch than gearing up for cardio at home.

But what if it wasn’t difficult to find the motivation to work out?

Here are some of my tips on getting fit and enjoying the journey!

Ways to find motivation to workout 

Finding the time and energy to dedicate to exercise can be a challenge. While we all struggle with fluctuating levels of motivation, there are steps that you can take to harness your motivation when it’s high so it can carry you through those days when you feel less motivated.

When your fitness motivation is high, use this momentum to set healthy fitness goals and plan how you will achieve them. Once you have a plan in place, motivation isn’t as important.

Write down what you think is holding you back 

When you can name the things that are holding you back, you can face them head on so that they don’t seem as daunting. Then come up with ways to overcome these barriers! Find ways to tackle your fears and develop the confidence you need to get started.

By gradually changing the thoughts and behaviours that are stopping you from living the life that you want, you can move towards a more powerful, confident version of yourself. With the right mindset, fitness can empower you with self-confidence and the ability to accomplish new goals.

It takes discipline 

A tough one I know.. but making any change to your lifestyle or training schedule requires discipline and willpower. You can use discipline to achieve your fitness goals by removing distractions, planning ahead and giving your body the energy it needs for your training through good nutrition.

Do workouts at home 

You can’t always get out to a park etc. for your workout — but you can still work out at home or in the back garden, even if you only have a small space. When you prioritize your health by moving your body every day, you’ll feel healthier and stronger. As you begin to reap the rewards of consistent exercise, you’ll naturally become more motivated to continue.

To start choose a training style that you enjoy. Working out should never be a chore or punishment. Make it into something for you that you love. For more information on getting started working out from home, check out my blog for some tips.

Keep it Short & Sweet 

A quick workout is better than no workout. If you can’t get motivated to spend an hour working out, just commit to 15 minutes! Doing a short bodyweight workout has great health benefits. You might even surprise yourself and find that once you get started you want to do more.

Just 15 minutes of exercise, when done regularly, can boost your brainpower, improve your mood and increase cardiovascular endurance.

Plus, by doing short-duration exercise regularly you are establishing a habit of exercising. When you are ready to increase the duration or intensity of your workouts, both your body and mind will be up to the task.

Consistency is Key 

Unfortunately we don’t build strength overnight. It takes repeated effort, rest and time to build fitness and strength. If you are consistent with your training, rest and nutrition you can start to see results.

Connect with a Fitness Community 

You can use the LeanWithLesley Community Page to learn how other women are overcoming their obstacles, providing support and motivating each other on the journey to better health and fitness.

Exchanging words of encouragement and support can help you to feel less alone when you are next pushing through the last five minutes of your workout, because you know there are others out there doing exactly the same thing!

Joining in a like-minded community helps you to feel like you’re part of something bigger, and connect with people who are facing the same challenges and working towards the same goals that you are.

These ideas are to help you to get motivated, set your intention and create a plan to exercise regularly. It takes commitment and dedication to create a regular workout routine, but the benefits are soooo worth it!

Remember, the first few weeks of a new fitness journey are likely to be the hardest! Be patient with yourself and make small, sustainable changes as you actively commit to improving your health and fitness — the benefits will be worth it.

Lesley x x