Protecting Your Skin While Working Out

When you start a new fitness routine it can for some result in unwanted skin issues.

Here are some tips to help you to protect your skin while working out and avoid some common mistakes made that could contribute to skin problems. Sweating is an unavoidable side effect of exercising that can contribute to skin irritations, there are several steps that you can take to combat this problem and protect your skin.

Wear a Headband

Some of us may sweat right at the hair line resulting in it running down the face when exercising. Wearing a headband helps because it catches the sweat and prevents it from reaching problem areas such as the T- zone or chin. As a result, you won’t touch your face to wipe away the sweat and add excess dirt to your skin.

No Make Up

Wearing makeup when exercising can block your pores and is generally not good for your skin. Try to remove any foundation before you start your workout. If exercising without makeup is not an option for you, waterproof mascara and lip gloss is okay to wear. Blush and powders should always be removed.

Use a towel

Skin problems are not restricted to just the face. The back and shoulders can be prone to breakouts, too. Exercise mats are a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Protect your skin by wearing exercise clothing that covers the areas of your body that touch mats and exercise benches, or by placing a towel down before you exercise.

Cleanse your face​​​​

When you are finished your exercise, wash your face to remove the sweat that’s on your skin. Using a facial moisturiser or serum will help to hydrate your skin from the outside. If you drink plenty of fluids to avoid dehydration, this will also help with the appearance of the skin.

Wear clothing that fits well

You can avoid skin irritation caused by chaffing by wearing comfortable clothing that’s designed with exercise in mind. Exercise specific fabrics can help to wick sweat away from your body and prevent the unnecessary rubbing of material against your skin.

Change quickly​​​​

Many fungal infections grow easily in a moist environment, keeping your tight gym clothes on can cause an array of skin issues. After a workout shower as soon as possible and put on some fresh clothing.

Don’t let your skin put you off exercise be patient and try your best to eliminate any of the problems that may be negatively affecting your skin. It may take a little time for your body to adapt, be patient and remember that exercising on a regular basis is vital for your health.

Lesley xx