A little bit of stardom on Xposé

I was so delighted when I got the call to do a segment on Virgin Media’s Xposé and it couldnot have happened at a better time, just weeks before the launch of theLeanWithLesley.com.

We did the filming in Iveagh Fitness, a really cool gym in Christchurch in Dublin, and you can see in the video clip that the building had a fabulous glass ceiling that left some great natural light into the gym. So we recorded the workout section first and as fit as I am, I still felt it, because you had to keep reps going for a good while on each take so that Ger (cameraman) had enough to work with, so it was about 2 minutes on each of these exercises without stopping – I got a great workout!

That’s what I love about leanwithlesley workouts we don’t have to be working it for an hour, 20 mins will give me the best workout, even 10 mins! It’s all about keeping focused, making sure that mind and body is connected and thinking about what muscles are being used.

After recording the workout I met with Cassie Stokes, Xposé presenter and we had a chat. She is so lovely, very relaxed and natural so I immediately felt we were friends.The chat was great and overall I’m kinda proud of this one.Lesley x

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