The LeanWithLesley Guide On How To Balance Fitness With Your Social Life

How to Balance Your Social Life With Fitness

One question that often pops up for me is getting asked how I manage to live a social life while staying fit.

SIMPLE.. It's called BALANCE

I don't promote strict diets, no alcohol and not going out. We all have to live and have fun! I enjoy nothing more than to instill a belief in others to become fitter and stronger but I also believe that finding a lifestyle balance is super important, and to remind of ourselves of this, particularly as we head into the party season.

It's all about having the right mind frame. Fitness is more than just looking good physically, it's a lifestyle. If I go out,I make sure I get my workout done earlier that day. It's so important to make time for our personal fitness. You have to prioritise the important things in your life and still manage to have fun after! It's okay if you drink or if you choose not to, either way, when we are fit, we have more energy, we feel happier, we are more positive, we are less stressed and we become more confident.

I've learned that having a balance in life will make you happier than revolving your life around something just to look “good”. I workout because I really enjoy it. It makes me happy, confident and I love pushing myself. I also love helping others and seeing them improve their confidence and lifestyle. Everyone's different, but it's nice to see results from all the hard work you put into something, both in your career and in life. 

Having a balance in life is what it's all about. Eat the foods you love, drink if you want to, hang out with your friends and do everything you love doing. But always remember the other side of it, Your personal fitness, workout, eat healthy 90% of the time and try to be happy doing all the things you love. 

This time of year there will be lots of parties and get togethers and so we have to remember our moderation rule (not always that easy.....), alcohol consumption is all about moderation. It's okay to have a drink here and there if that is what you want. A sound tip is to aim to drink a glass of water with or in between each alcoholic drink. What's important is getting back on track.  As we get older, recovery becomes more challenging and it can be hard to get back into your routine. But keep focused, push yourself and remember why you started your fitness journey in the first place.

Don't let things like going out or having a drink and a delicious meal affect that.

You've gotten far enough, keep having a social life. Don't stop seeing your friends or doing fun things with your family because you have to workout. Time management is key to maintaining your social life. If you know you're going out at night, workout in the morning. It's important to remind yourself on the days that you can't get to the gym, to your class or whatever your preference, there are always fitness cheats that you can incorporate into your day to look after your personal fitness. Try a Tabata, a simple 4 minute workout, there is always room to fit a workout into your day while maintaining a social life.

Our Fitness Goals should include keeping a good clean healthy diet of real food that is of nutritional value to our bodies, well at least 80% of the time.  If you can apply this rule to your lifestyle choices you will improve and maintain a fit and healthy mind and body.

An interesting fact:

If we are simply active for 12 minutes of every waking hour, (walking, moving, climbing stairs, housework, gardening,) then we are active for 20% of every waking hour....now that's not bad and a very simple goal to achieve.