LWL Tips To Avoid Temptation At Christmas Time

Avoiding Temptation at Christmas Time

Christmas is the season for being merry with all the tempting food and drink involved with Christmas parties and family gatherings,  it’s hard to avoid a little festive indulgence.

From mince pies and chocolates, to mulled wine and champagne, everyone has their favourite seasonal treat, but once we remember all in moderation, there’s no harm done.

I have put together below some tips for you, to help you along this festive season.

Start with a soup or salad

Meals over the festive season tend to be richer and heavier than our normal meals, this can lead to excessive calorie intake. By starting with a broth-based soup (not cream) or a salad (minus heavy dressing), it will be easier to eat a smaller portion of the heavier course without going hungry. Minestrone, vegetable soups, and chicken noodle are all healthy options.

Avoid going to a party hungry

It can be very hard to resist a plateful of Christmas canapes or buffet of buttery desserts if attending a party on an empty stomach. Eating a small, nutritious meal prior to attending an event eases hunger while allowing for a small, reasonable indulgence later.

Stay hydrated

While dashing to and from events, it can be easy to forget to drink enough water. From digestion to transportation and absorption of nutrients, drinking water can also help control calories. Foods with a high water content, such as fruits and vegetables, are absorbed more slowly by the body, helping you feel fuller for longer.

Be Selective

If you’re going to indulge in your favourite treats, slow down, take your time and really savour the experience. By eating mindfully you’re more likely to pay attention to what you’re consuming and stop when you’ve had enough. Also take the time to enjoy the non-food aspects of the season. If you’re at a party, focus on catching up with friends, dancing or playing a game with the kids rather than lurking around the food table. Food is a wonderful part of the festivities, but there are many other ways to have fun and celebrate without disrupting your healthy lifestyle.

Drink smarter

It can be difficult to avoid alcohol during the festive season, limiting intake is crucial for moderating calories. Alternating each drink with a glass of water helps avoid over-indulging. Next, cut out sugary mixers and choose to sip a drink neat (on the rocks) or mixed with sparkling water. In addition, avoid the common plan to avoid eating all day and “save up calories” for drinking later on. 

Wear fitted clothes

Before sitting down to a big dinner, consider clothing options. An elastic waistband is much more forgiving than a belt and structured pants or jeans. This simple reminder around the middle can help reduce in-take of extra calories during a meal.

Enjoy Yourself And Keep Active

Deprivation of the favourite holiday-only treats can lead to an unplanned binge, especially if stress levels are elevated. Treat yourself a bit during the festive season, always following the rule of moderation and enjoy, you have worked hard all year.  

Top Tip:- Keep Active, a 10 minute workout in your day, will keep your energy levels high, your mood at top notch and your metabolism burning!