Tips to Increase Your Metabolism

Metabolism is the process by which your body converts what you eat and drink into energy. Even when your body is at rest, you are still using energy for basic functions such as breathing, circulating blood and repairing cells. The energy your body uses for these basic functions is called your basal metabolic rate.

There are many different ways to increase your metabolism, while some methods work better than others. Below, are some tips that will help improve your metabolism over time.

Rise early

Start the day by getting a good night's sleep the night before because this will ensure that you have plenty of energy for your busy day. First of all have a morning stretch before anything else to focus your mind on your health and well-being. Click open the LWL App and choose one of the many quick warm up routines to start your day right.  This will take just 5 minutes of your day and what a start it will be! #startlikethestarthatyouare 

Eat Breakfast

Most importantly we need to start our eating window in the day with a healthy meal, as a result you will have an energy boost, improve your concentration, increase your weight loss efforts, and boost your metabolism. Some of the best foods to eat for breakfast are porridge, yogurt, grapefruit, bananas, eggs, blueberries, strawberries and remember always start your day with a cup of cooled boiled water with fresh lemon juice to kick start your digestive system.

Green Tea

Green tea contains nutrients and antioxidants that help your body function. One of the main powers of green tea is that it aids in fat loss, woohoo! It’s been proven that green tea boosts your metabolic rate as a result this increases the amount of fat you burn.

Eat Smart

You may have heard that certain foods help you burn more calories. Combining protein and fibre rich foods keeps the hunger cravings at bay for hours after eating therefore reduces the urge to overindulge. Listen to your hunger cues to differentiate between true hunger and emotional or mindless eating.  Eat real food, this is the golden secret, eat real food that has grown from the ground or had a heart beat and avoid all processed "food" as much as possible.


Exercise is the most effective way to change your metabolism. If your new to physical activity there are lots of benefits to gain by working out as a beginner. Resistance training that builds muscle is particularly helpful for long-term metabolism boosting effects. Even beginner level workouts build strength, burn calories, and improve your health.  The LeanWithLesley App has over 100 workouts that are suitable for all fitness levels, together with easy, simple and deliciously healthy recipes, there is no excuse not to have your metabolism on fire!